Scholarships for Korean universities

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There are actually many ways if one wants to study at a South Korean university. Some apply through their university and go study as an exchange student. Those not studying at a university pay the fee neccessary to study – around 40 000 SEK a year for 4 semesters with Blueberry, not including housing or air fare.
Korean adoptees (KADs) have one more option: scholarship available for KADs through various South Korean NGO:s (Non governmental organizations).

The links below will get short explanations and at least for InKas there will be a quick guide on how to apply for different scholarships – because InKas is where I applied for my scholarships.
Don’t let the long to-do list scare you away. These scholarships are worth around 10 000-15 000 SEK. Paying various small fees, putting together your references and a letter of introduction should be worth it, don’t you think?

InKas received less economic support from the Korean government and the scholarship available is therefore only 50% of the school fee compared to 100% from before. Yonsei University is 30% compared to 70 % from before.

Go to InKas

Go to G.O.A.L

Go to Korea Foundation

NIIED Government Scholarships is a Korean government scholarship for PhD or Master’s studies in Korea.

Inje University recently restarted their special adoptee university program in Kimhae, IIHR. This information from SKAN Adoption organisation in Sweden:

Fall Semester is 14 weeks and it starts Aug 31st – Dec 4th, and applications are due July 31st, 2015. The tuition fee of $2000 USD covers all tuitions, housing(Dormitory), cafeteria meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), and part of day trips to cultural and historical sites for the whole semester. The classes are approximately 10 students in size and taught in English. Students will live on campus with a Korean roommate, attend classes, participate in weekly English Conversation groups, and have access to Inje University’s student organizations, weight training gym, library, and computers. We hope we can further collaborate with your organization to promote the IIIHR International Korean Adoptee Program. If you have questions, please contact us at

Ah reum, Seo
IIIHR International Adoptee Program Coordinator
Contact number: 82-10-2009-2125


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