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the adoptee is going to Korea. Between 27th of October and 6th of January the adoptee will study Korean and play around in Seoul, capital of said country.

October 15 2009

the adoptee miscalculated a bit in her studies and will be forced to take two classes at the same time while in Korea. Also, the graduation will be held back a year or so because of going to Korea. Without a set plan of what to do when an adult, the future on the labour market of this adoptee seem a tad bit uncertain…

December 20 2010

The adoptee’s teacher in Sweden had, in a serious case as something that might be megalomania, decided that the adoptee with classmate should write two papers a week about a subject the teacher choose – in Korean. Since the adoptee’s Korean wasn’t all that great to start with, she decided not to take any other classes than the local one while being in Korea. A relief, since the adoptee didn’t want to go bald from worrying.

After two months of living in Korea, the adoptee got herself a room in an apartment which is 15 minutes from Korea university by subway. Very good, since the boyfriend will stay at place X longer than first anticipated and only come back  Home during weekends until March-something.
The adoptee got a scholarship and will study at Korea University until March 20. Therefore the apartment is a good thing since it’s a decent home.

Right now the adoptee is enjoying Christmas vacation by e-mailing above mentioned teacher about extra essays to be completed during vacation. After the essays are handed in the adoptee plans to enjoy a trip to Busan during New Year’s.
the parents sent a big package filled with food to last the adoptee until March. And the adoptee is as of now looking all over the place for nice Christmas gifts.

August 2010

The adoptee made it back to Sweden although it was a close call in Finland where the adoptee stood waiting at the wrong gate.

Fall semester will start in a week and the adoptee is looking forward to it – after all it’s one step closer to getting a diploma. Hopefully someone else will also take the course.

It also took the adoptee x years after graduating high school – but the future is no longer dim; the adoptee will aim at being a translator for books. After all, books and reading has been an obsession hobby since childhood, and the thing most missed during busy days when time is short.
The adoptee also has a dream of owning her own library one day but that will be set aside for now.

May 2011

The adoptee is currently doing her last semester by writing her paper about single mothers in South Korea. Above mentioned teacher with megalomania was nothing compared to the somewhat lacking human beings this semester; looking back, she even seems a little bit entertaining. Because of the somewhat lacking human beings not being able to plan a decent schedule, the adoptee currently feels like that thesis-paper has turned into a creepy friend who has taken over her life. And the student council has been notified.

Last year, the adoptee and Boyfriend managed to get their hands on a nice 46-sq.meters apartment. By doing so they also rooted themselves down in Swedish capital-soil and will probably stay at said place until it is time to expand the family with cats, libraries or children. In that order.

Last semester also began well – with a classmate to share the ups and downs of university life, hurray! Sadly, the adoptee realized that to become a translator, one must have something like 3+ languages and 20 years of work experience of which x have been living abroad in the countries of said languages. So the plans had to be pushed forward like 20-or so years. Heck, the adoptee is happy to get a decent job once 17 years of schooling are done and over with.

Also, the adoptee wonders how big the chance is of an O-blood type parent and a B-blood type parent conceiving an A-blood type child. Probably not very big… Oh well. The adoptee has also bought a book in “How to improve in talking in front of a crowd without looking at a pre-written text”. That one was needed indeed.

July 2012

Boyfriend and I ordered tickets to Korea. We’ll go during Christmas and New Years for 2 weeks. It seems that the Korean family has made big plans for us, so unfortunately, we’ll “only” be staying in Seoul and be able to visit Paju for around 1 week and squeeze in Joint Security Area, Seoul Tower and friends, among others. After that it’ll be glorious Jeju-do and a visit to Pohang. The Korean sisters were happy to organize a Korean family trip. We appreciate the effort, especially since there are now three nephews awaiting our arrival…

For your curiosity to be satisfied: thesis still not finished. The adoptee landed a part-time job, which became a full-time job thanks to the timely progression of a co-worker’s pregnancy so thesis had to wait. Now working with administration and reception at a Korean martial arts center – Sweden’s biggest with around 600 paying members. The center (or “club” in Swedish) moving house in August, as well as the progressing plans of a trip to Korea in 2013 for the club, makes the adoptee busy indeed.

October 31st 2013

Moving to the new (and newly renovated) premises cured the constant sneezing, snivelling and coughing I had for 2 years. Picture being almost constantly ill for a year. I started to wonder what was wrong (was it me?). As I was miraculously cured when we moved, I think the source of sickness was… because the former place was a total dump. The move itself was quite stressful (12-hour shifts kind of stressful) and we have all repressed those memories into a dark corner in our minds.

That happened about a year ago and now we have happily finished moved and are pretty much settled into our new dojang. The unpleasant memories from last year are safely tucked away. We even have a bat cave (the office). We also have a Wii and recently bought our third piggy bank in a row.

Korea in December/January was extremely cold. Every morning as we exited our hostel we thought, “Oh but this wasn’t as cold as we imagined” for about 30 seconds. In order to ease the cold spells, we took tup dashing into a coffee shop and warm ourselves with a nice, warm second breakfast; in short, we became Hobbits. But the Korean border was actually even colder and Jeju-do had… palm trees.

There are serious plans to visit Korea again next Summer. Upon meeting for the first time, Korean mother surprised us all by giving Boyfriend a warm, big hug at the airport. Also, she waited until after dinner to inquire about his salary (very important in Korea). Boyfriend misses the nephews (who would’ve guessed?). I’m looking forward to Summer next year.

Also, I started working part-time at a certain Korean travel agency this Spring, as the “Marketing manager” in charge of social media communications. Still working at the Taekwondo club though (or dojang as it’s called in Korea).

By the way, I still haven’t finished my thesis. Although I did apply to a vocational education school – and shocked us all by getting accepted; yes, I was probably the most surprised of everyone! So now I’m studying to become an international export manager. Graduation is expected in 2015 (according to LinkedIn).

It is now the year 2015. I should update more often…

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