Furry nanny stories pt 1

The dog needs to take a walk at least 4 times a day, every 4 or 5 hours or so. And because he’s old, he’ll dirty his butt. If he were and old man he’d be wearing diapers. I have to wipe him clean with baby wipes every time he poo-poo. He hates it when I wipe his butt! :-D

Being my dog has its benefits, besides sleeping in my bed – you also get to take a walk here every day! Unfortunately it gets really dirty when everything thaws, which I discovered when we got home. I tried to clean his stomach with baby wipes, and found out a second way to stain it brown.

I call this piece of art “Dog Imprisoned In Jacuzzi”!

So I picked the old dog up and gently threw him into the bath tub. Except it’s not really a tub. When my parents renovated the house, my brother wanted them to buy a jacuzzi too, so they did. It’s mostly him using it though. Anyway, see those dirty paw prints?

Sleeping, exhausted. Poor old boy has started to look for our parents in the most obvious place – their bedroom. He walks there and looks at me like he’s asking where they are. And at night he’s trying to get me me to sleep in their double bed.
He probably thinks I’m a lousy nanny. I don’t keep to the routines (“Daddy always wakes me up at 6 o’clock!” “I want food AFTER the morning walk!“) and I gave him a bath. And wipes his butt several times with baby wipes.

More furry stories will come later today :)

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