Naked dog

Min hund har blivit en nakenhund…! För att skydda hans privatliv, har han fått ta på sig en tröja som jag råkade krympa i tvätten.

Så fort kameran åkte fram, började katten posera :) Så där satt hon sedan i 5 minuter medan jag knäppte bilder, blickstilla!

Update: internet är supersegt just nu, bara att kolla mejlen är ett jätteprojekt och jag ser inte ens kattbilden! Ser ni?

My dog is a shaved dog. His fur has been itching and even taking a walk with him became a lesser half-day project because his fur got so dirty. Dirty fur = unhappy dog who will need to shower very often, and he doesn’t like to shower. So the solution was to shave off all his fur. Now he looks like one of those poor, starving African children you sometimes see in the media – thin legs and a too big stomach.

One thought on “Naked dog

  1. Kim says:

    Sorry, this is unrelated to your furbabies (which are adorable btw), but I saw your comment about receiving the InKAS scholarship two times in a row? It’s too late now, but I didn’t think it was possible? At least InKAS’s site wouldn’t let me click on Sogang to register. Weird. Ah well, I am going to just consider this latest tuition payment money well spent. And it is… if it gets me any closer to being able to being able to communicate with my family minus the blank stares. :) Anyway, thanks for the info.

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