Moving house

My last post disappeared.
But we’ve moved house and the last tenants took some things with them when they left. Like the in-house TV-box which means we have no internet – in Sweden you can get television plus internet and sometimes also get the phone connected as a package, for a pretty nice fee a month. Awesome. And those idiots took it all with them!

I’m blogging this through Boyfriend’s iPhone but since he (and the iPhone) will leave for work tomorrow there will probably be a lack of posts.
One reason for that is, I lost the cord to my camera. At first I lost the camera itself, found it and now the cord which I hid under a pillow in order not to lose it. Boyfriend again, I guess… So now I’ll have to drop in at a friend’s place for some bloggin’ lovin’ later this week.
Yeah, this is one of the times when I wish I had an iPhone. This, and when I’m totally lost and need a GPS, either on myself or just for looking at – I’m seriously directionally challenged.

Well then, sniff you later this week :)


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