Moa and the food

We’ve had great weather here as of lately. I woke up to something no less than the sound of a (snow)storm, and later when I made my way to the subway I found out that there had been a power cut during the night. So when I got home again, I just picked up a package from the post office and shut myself inside the apartment.
Unfortunately the “ACCIO FOOD!” didn’t work (thanks for the tip, Cecilia) so I had to do with stuff I already had at home. Hm… what to do?
(I always loved Paint, as a child I could spend hours playing with it!)

I was hungry but couldn’t find a lot of things in the refridgerator. Ah, damn I’m hungry…

I noticed there were quite a lot left in the pot, so I went for seconds… and thirds… and because I didn’t think my improvised half-Korean stew would last over the night, I even went for fourths!

(it says: you wash the dishes. I noticed a bit too late that as soon as I save the file, I’m unable to make any corrections, hence the lack of er, colors and excess talent).


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