Men jag gillar vår nya dörrmatta

Enough is enough!!!
I’m tired of this.
You’ve been partying after 10 o’clock several times the past year.
I’ve been overlooking this but last time my door-mat disappeared and that was the last straw. Return it at once! Or else I will take legal actions!”

Ask yourself: who the heck keeps his door-mat outside in the corridor when living in a student-apartment?
Yeah, you take legal actions. I quite like my new door-mat.

2 thoughts on “Men jag gillar vår nya dörrmatta

  1. lookingforyuri says:

    Stackars honom:(. Ingen försäkring täcker stulen egendom som man inte vakar över så att lämna sin matta utan att kedja fast den räcker nog inte för rättsliga åtgärder.

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