Mamono Sweeper

For everyone who like to play Mine sweeper. I have a mac so no mine sweeper for me. This is better.
Mamono sweeper looks like mine sweeper. It’s addictive as mine sweeper. But it has some key differences:


Mamono Sweeper is very similar to its ancient ancestor with some key differences. (Cut from jayisgames).
“Instead of bombs concealed behind anonymous tiles, you’re sweeping for monsters. And you can’t just avoid them, eventually you’re going to have to reveal and kill all of the monsters on the board if you want to win.
This is where you run into another twist that Mamono throws into the mix: each monster has its own level. If your experience level is equal or greater to a monster, than you can click that monster without fear of taking on damage.
If you click on a monster that is a higher level than you, he’ll take some of your precious few hit points, or if the monster’s high enough in level, it will kill you outright. Thankfully, every time you kill a monster without dying, you earn experience points. Pick up enough of those, and you’ll advance to the next level letting you kill more monsters safely.

Which brings me to the other biggest difference between Mamono Sweeper and Minesweeper; the numbering system. In the classic original, the numbers simply told you how many bombs were adjacent to any one given square. In Mamono, the numbers that you see are equal to the sum of all the levels of all the monsters adjacent to that square. Thus, if you reveal a block with a three that could mean that one of the adjacent blocks is one level three monster or three level one monsters. Don’t forget that you can click on a monster you’ve already “killed” in order to get a number for that square as well”.

Play Mamono sweeper


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