North Korea did it again!

And I’m not talking about the boat they torpedoed. Apparently, they’ve managed to develope a new kind of “super drink” which multiplies brain cells and stops skin aging. And also makes the skin paler, which is the most important part. Very Korean, wanting to be pale. The Swedish newpaper had that information in quotation-marks.
I have a couple of hand-outs from Korean beauty shops, two of them are said to “even out” the color of my face (making it paler) and some others are filled with collagen to prevent skin aging. It’s great that both countries know what’s really important.
Interesting points though:

  • Who’s going to buy the drink? North Korean officials did a crack-down on people with saved-up money pretty recently (last year) and a new currency was going to be introduced to prevent ordinary, not high ranked people from gaining wealth.
  • The miracle drink was said to attract “much interest from Chinese, German and other businessmen” at a trade fair in Pyongyang last month. It should be surprising that they have one. Or not really, since the country need foreign currency.


UK telegraph
Brisbane times


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