Stuff to play: Grace’s diary

I’m going to talk to Natalie today. She hasn’t talked to me for a month, and I’m pretty sure it’s because Ken told her not to. I think it’s about time I tell her what I think. Maybe I should think carefully… hopefully, she’ll listen to me.

This click-and-point game is great! Grace’s diary is about a school-girl whose best friend starts to date a guy. But the protogonist (Grace) soon discover things that makes her suspect her friend is a victim of relationship abuse.
So the worried main character has decided to give her friend a call. The player’s mission is to click on different things in the two available rooms – and by doing so, unlock memories of the protogonist and her friend, memories which will be of help during the phone call.
There are two endings and if the player doesn’t unlock all the memories, or if the player choose the “wrong” alternative during the phone-dialoge, the game will end sadly. So be sure to unlock all memories neccessary – but that’s not very difficult – and also to save before making the call.

The game was the winner of Jennifer Ann’s Group‘s 2010 game design challenge. The scetchy quality of graphic and the low-key music gives the game an intimate feeling. This game was made to raise awareness, the characters might be a bit obvious because of that. But the reason to play it, and to keep playing if the first time is ends in a failure – is because the story of Grace’s concern for her friend Natalie is just so touching.

Play Grace’s diary


One thought on “Stuff to play: Grace’s diary

  1. I got a bad ending. TT-TT But I love how this game really makes you see certain situations that most people would overlook and realize that it is abuse.

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