Classmates, hallelujah!

Here comes pics from the class. Very sorry for the quality – but hey, I’m not a pro you know?

Anyway, first comes pics from a lunch we had together. Me and the French girl kinda planned “everything” from setting a suitable date and time, and also picked a good restaurant. The date was pretty easy to set, and we picked a restaurant with a variety of options; it was spacious and had BBQ and also a wide range of stews with varying spiciness and price ranges.
Here comes the thing: when we had sat our hungry asses down, the Chinese wanted me and the French girl to choose the food – for plus 10 people. How the hell were we supposed to know what those other people wanted to eat?! As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, some of those Chinese are damn picky. But after hassling back and forth, we came down to 2 big spicy kimchi-stews and 6 meat-stews called Ttukbaekki bulgogi. The bulgogi-stew was my “safe”-card for the lunch – because… everybody LOVE ttukbaekki bulgogi. In fact I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t. Hah!


Next up are pics from a fun New Year’s “culture event” the school arranged for us. I can really recommend Korea University for that reason – we had about three different culture events during the semester, all ranging in topic and execution. Anyway, I had misunderstood the teacher gravely since I thought we were going to attend a Korean culture performance of some sorts – at 9 in the morning. Like, sit down and watch Koreans perform traditional dances and plays. But then I realized I wasn’t going to watch/sleep through a performance… not as satisfied with the outcome as I could’ve been.
Long background story: I had been to a friend’s Czech dinner in the other end of Seoul the night before and on top of that also missed the last train going all the way home – the station where we had to get off was about 4 stops from my place which is way too far to walk.
Anybody been to Cheongnyangni-station early in the morning? The vultures taxi-drivers waiting for us desperate passengers at the stop must’ve numbered up to at least twenty.
So I started to move towards home on my own two feet, which is why I know it’s way too far to walk there. Walking while trying to wave down a taxi in the morning was a new experience for me. After a while, a nice driver decided to take me home. As per usual, I also managed to scare our landlord half to death; poor guy was playing some violent shoot’em-up on the computer when I stumbled through the door.

The Chinese absolutely loved the clothes! It reminded me of the day H&M in Sweden at their “Great designer-collaboration”- grand opening. The others started pulling the clothes while screaming and chattering in Chinese. Can I blame the hallyu-wave? Plus, we only had a short set of time at each station so everybody rushed around trying to snatch the prettiest outfit for themselves.
Me? I was the (tired) camerawoman.

Here’s me. And I’m not pregnant, just a bit tired – but having fun.

This Canadian gentleman got called “uncle” by the Chinese girls. I suppose he had a bit of a hangover that made him look older, but he seemed like 35 years old at most.

Throwing arrows into the bamboo-tubes. Not my cup of tea, you needed to be tall to succeed.

Making traditional Korean rice-cakes by pounding rice-flour and water into a dough.

The result was delicious but I’m not sure if that’s the same dough that was pounded. But it seemed alright and (almost) nobody got hit by the hammer.
We had some more games, like throwing small bags filled with beans through holes or kicking small colorful things in the air. The funniest was jumping a seesaw – which I aced, according to the others! Afterwards I went to have lunch and Karaoke with two friends. That was a great day.

2 thoughts on “Classmates, hallelujah!

  1. Men Moa vad söt du är i hanbok! ^^ Fina bilder som alltid men det hade varit bra om din blogg varit bredare och bilderna större! :0

  2. Moa says:

    Tackar tackar! Lustigt sammanträffande, jag var just inne och kollade på din blogg ^^ Jag har en mac, den har aldrig failat mig hittills. Dyr men verkligen värt köpet!
    Den där storleken är default-storleken så det blir bara så!

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