Off to another province part 1

Right now I’m in Sweden. I can really recommend traveling with Finnair – good food, great entertainment and nice stewardesses.
I’m like 2 months behind with my blogging. So these pics are from January when we went to Chungcheong-bukdo.

Where we ate.

What we ate – “donkassu” which is like a schnitzel.

Kaya and Yong-ji(n).

Me and Yaz.

A park we visited.

The park had lots of statues, so we played “pose like the statue”.

No-one wanted to do this one though… yeah, I’ve been waiting to write that.

Yaz directing others. She’s born to be one.


Tourist-y town. After a visit to an outdoor hot-spring we went down-town to stuff our sweaty selves.

Pheasant. Very particular taste but not bad.

Shabu-shabu with the meat from earlier.

They had a TV at the restaurant.

Some kind of pheasant innards.

And there were more from where that one came from.

People skiing and snowboarding.

Halla-bongs. A halla-bong is like a orange-sized tangerine from Jeju-do. And it’s my new favorite fruit! Only available in Korea.

We ended the evening with ice-cream and TV at Young-ji(n)’s place where we slept over.


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