School for life

I like this article about Asian-Americans getting the majority of the spots in college. And the Korean has very interesting thoughts on why it’s alright to decline lots of over-achieving Asian-Americans their rightful seats in a college.
I myself kind of agrees that a college should reflect life but should a college reserve the same number of seats for a certain race as to represent the same amount of people found in real life?
I mean, many immigrants in Sweden are from middle-or upper middle-class families whose parents were journalists, doctors or lawyers. And the immigrants aren’t as many in numbers as the ethnic Swedes, but let’s say there is a higher percentage of people with upper-level education among the immigrants than there is among the ethnic Swedes; should the children if the immigrants be cheated on upper-level education just because there is a higher quantity of Swedes and the immigrants are fewer – because someone decided that an equal x percent from both groups can be allowed to attend university even though a higher percentage from the smaller group is eligible?

Geological representation, sexual orientation or economic background. Are these the factors that should decide if I can attend university? Although I think diversity is a good thing, I also believe in the utopia that everyone should have a chance on higher education. I like Austria‘s idea of making higher-level education available for everyone, although the drop-out rate is very high and there is a problem with academic unemployment among the humanities and social sciences graduates – as it is in Sweden.
I just have to point out that I’ve never studied in Austria nor do I know anyone who has – but this is what I’ve been told by wikipedia and friends’ friends.


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