Stinky cheese and garlic

I took a garlic-shot yesterday. Boiled garlic and put in a “barley tea”-tea bag before drinking it. And after 2 nights of sleep and 2 days of skipping school, I’m feeling pretty much alright. I know there is no scientific proof whatsoever that garlic will cure a cold but it seems to have worked out for me! Or I don’t know, but my colds usually last for a week and then I’m as healthy as a peanut again. At least I won’t cover any other people than my flatmates with snot.
I managed to scare the hell out of the Korean flatmate earlier today. Slept until 1 o’clock so he probably thought no-one was home. I don’t know what scared him most, me emerging from my room or the wonderful not-washed-in-4-days bedhead I had at the time.

Anyway, on Saturday we’re gonna have people over. People who bring food, which is nice. I’ll dish up some instant desserts, instant creme brulée and instant chocolate pudding (thank you my mother). Then I noticed we have some crackers – the kind that goes well with stinky cheese. Maybe I should head to E-mart and buy some of that expensive, stinky cheese they have there? Otherwise it’ll just seem like a half-done job, but that might also overdo the hot-pot thing. But I need plastic cups anyway – do they sell plastic cups over here?
And I noticed they. Don’t. Sell. Pears. At all.
Cheese + crackers + pears + grapes are essential if you want to play the adult.


One thought on “Stinky cheese and garlic

  1. Yes, pears in the pear shaped form do not exist in Korea. There are big round yellow melon-apples though, which Koreans call pears. They taste pear-like, but are definitely imposters.

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