At the gay bar

We were gonna celebrate some birthdays – and so, we went to Hongdae! The ultimate place for a brithday celebration? I doubt that, but it’s still a damn good place! Can’t complain, really.

There we had shabu-shabu and bought cakes which we brought to Luxury noraebang.


Happy birthday Yaz!

At the noraebang. View was strangely amazing, we could see people passing by and they could see us! The service was so-so, we had problems with the sound which took about 15 minutes to fix and we didn’t get any free time as “service” back. 20,000 KRW for about 45 minutes of singing + 1 free cone of free ice cream. But the first clean toilet at a karaoke-place I’ve been to in this country.

Sam’s birthday too, she’s to the left. Sofia to the right.

Another birthday-kid, doing the doggy.

About the cake – our favorite cake-place didn’t have any big cakes left so vi just bought whatever pieces they still had left and made a cake out of it. Two kinds of chocolate cake, one with mousse and bananas, and a strawberry-cake with cream.

And now over to the next part of the evening: we grabbed two guys and went to another place to relax. The place is always closed when we try to go there but we swore that night would be our last try.
What awaited us was crappy music and lots of non-Koreans dancing to that crappy music in some kind of drunken frenzy. I can assure you all that I’ve only seen guys dancing to Wonder Girl’s “Nobody” on youtube before that night – and I would’ve liked if it had stayed that way.


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