Korean life

Well, Korean life has finally started to kick in, and Koreans are also treating me really nice nowadays. It only took about 4 months but hey, I’m thankful! Our grocery lady giving me three cherry tomatoes as service, or the snack-ajumma giving me a big-ass bowl of soup instead of the ordinary tiny paper-cup. Whatever it is, I receive it with a smile!
I don’t really care about people saying that Koreans have no manners – they do have manners, but they’ve got their own rules.
An old lady who told me to sit down in the subway when I tried to offer her my seat kind of warmed my heart. I realize that if it had been another day, the same lady surely would’ve cracked a rib or to on me without hesitation when elbowing her way out of the full-packed train. Since old Koreans tend to do that. But the nice people I’ve met in this country are usually old people.

By the way, the other day I saw an old man urinating at the subway-stop. Hm…

Ps: I’ve started to drink the tap-water here. The taste isn’t something special, quite the opposite actually – I usually hold my breath when drinking. But still, it’s tapwater!

Not our house nor our train-stop. Just felt like it.


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