To the hot springs!

So this is what I know: flatmate Yaz and I are leaving the house in 45 minutes to go to some bus station which I don’t know the name of but Yaz does. There we’ll meet up a friend of her friend’s and have lunch with him, or them – since we’ll be at least four people.

After that we’ll go by bus to a for me unknown place 20 kilometers from Seoul. And we’ll stay there overnight – PLUS we’re going to some kind of hot spring!! So be prepared for photos when I get back home!
As you can see, I’m just tagging along when it comes to locations and directions. I’m so directionally challanged that I almost got lost at Yonsei University the other day.

I have no expectations when it comes to the housing but I’d like the place to have a decent toilet and if possible also warm water. I still remember a place in Italy where I met a 70-something old french bicyclist coming out of the showers stark naked. And it’s also where I got my almost-cured fobia of shrimps but that’s another story.


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