Pancakes and people

We went to a Korean sauna in Kangnam after some karaoke. And during the course of the night I somehow managed to lose my friends. Since everyone’s shoes were still in the locked see-through boxes I figured they were still hanging around and we’d find each other in the morning. And so I went to sleep in one of the female-only sleeping-rooms.
Next morning my friends called for me – through the sauna’s speakers.
Yaz had a funny idea about me getting into the sauna, then become dizzy and having to be relocated alone to a hospital without money or means of contacting anyone (or speaking decent Korean). So she was really worried after having searched for me without finding me, thus the solution with the speakers. I actually had similar thoughts along those lines but ended up falling asleep during my second search for them so they found me first.

Anyway, after I was found we went out to grab something to eat. I had thought I only had 5000KRW left since I ended up paying for some of the sauna tickets – and that also meant I couldn’t leave the sauna AND eat even if I’d wanted to since the taxi fare was around 3000KRW and jjigaes all cost around 5000KRW. So since I was a lost lamb, I saved the money for the eventual taxi ride back to the station. Tough luck, but then I suddenly found 10,000KRW hidden in my wallet and I could pay for my own food.
Food turned out to be an excellent american-style breakfast – which came pretty cheap at 7000KRW for the pancakes and 12,000KRW for the double-set enough for two persons including different kinds of pancakes, bacon, sausages, salad and egg.

And then we went to get a haircut.

The café.

And yes, that is a slice of cheese. But can you guess from which store they bought the table-ware?

Moko was sleeping until right before the food arrived.



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