Avatar me

What can I say? It was Avatar. It had lots of action, a story and some loving.
And we were very fascinated by the 3D-glasses.

I heard some people got depressed after watching the movie and having to “come back” to their own life. Supposedly some cinema even had questionnaires about the after-feeling of the movie. Well, Sam got part of the depression and was pondering some on our way home.
Being childhood tv-gamers has probably accustomed us to wonderful fiction-worlds, so me and Yaz didn’t get as depressed, if at all. Me? I’m waiting for Final Fantasy XIII (and also here and here) which is arriving this March. Why get depressed over some movie when you can actually walk around in a fantasy realm with your own avatar? Or, at least experience something very close to it.

Sexy lady in 3D-glasses. This is before I cut my bangs with a nail-scissor over the sink.

It was Sam’s birthday so we got free popcorn!

Sexy ladies who took the 3D-glasses with them home. They told me that we just had to take a picture in front of that thing, and I happily obliged.

Korean bus. I hate riding buses in Korea but since the subway had stopped going we didn’t have a choice. I dislike cabs too, all taxi-drivers in this country drive like mad and the bus-drivers are exactly the same but with a bigger vehicle. The only vehicles I can cope with are the subway and the trains.


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