The good stuff

I usually buy the cheap stuff, frozen mass-produced dumplings – mandu – from the local store just outside our apartment since I’m a student. Come to think of it, I buy everything except vegetables at that place.

But since the vegetable store was closed (it’s Sunday) I took a longer route in search for a nearby place selling some greens. I didn’t find one. However, I did find an old ajumma selling 3000KRW-kimchi mandu from her small hole-in-the-wall store. Why not? I did need food that wasn’t instant noodles and she probably needed the money since Koreans don’t get much in pension, if any. So I bought about 10 of them and headed home, only stopping at our local store to pick up some stuff.

Now I’m eating my mandu. And I’ll never touch that mass-produced “mandu”-look alike again if I don’t have to. Seriously, this is the real deal. I should stop neglecting my food-habits and only eat home-made Korean food while I’m here. At least I think the mandu is hand-made… I seriously doubt this taste would come from mass-produced kimchi-mandu being re-packed into cheap plastic bags. Anyway, I’ll be going back to that ajumma again. Hopefully I’ll get some service if I continue to buy my stuff at hers.

It looks exactly the same as the mass-produced ones…


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