Koreans make amazingly beautiful cakes. As with everything else, the taste differs and they use very interesting flavors not normally used by western pastry-chefs. Green-tea, sweet potato and something that looks like cream but isn’t.

Cherries, cream-look alike and chocolate. we bought it on a whim and it turned into breakfast the day after.

Waffles at Dongdaemun’s Beans bins. They have a cafe called “Swedish Fika” in the F1 of Doota where they have Swedish cookies and other goodies. And they’re supposed to have some kind of “egg-something” which I can’t remember the name of. Supposedly Swedish, though I have no idea what it is. Will be a fascinating experience to eat, I’m sure.

Sushi är naaaajs jao! 1000KRW apiece in Sinchon.

Lite julkänsla över den här faktiskt. Swedes + fish = awesome!

I ate 9 plates, although my record is 12.


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