Going back to my Seoul

I’m stuck in the Korean countryside (only 500,000 people in town) and has been for a week.  Nothing happens here, but I took some nice pics at a small temple.
The weather’s quite nice too and it’s pretty decent when the sun’s out but my sister acts as if there’s a howling snow storm outside. Apparently Koreans thinks it’s unhealthy for Korean kids to be outside if it’s as cold as this.  Not like Swedish teachers who force out the kids at kindergarden and elementary school regardless of weather.

Seems like it’s pretty hard to find a decent guy in this country. Boyfriend is the epithet of tall, smart and kind. And he’s cute too!
But apparently, in this country those kinds of guys are reserved only for thin girls with double eyelids. We were watching the telly when my sister asked me if I can snowboard. I can’t but my boyfriend and his brothers are good at it, so I told her that. She had a hard time believing me;  well in the Korean world – why would such a guy be with a girl without double eyelids who weights over 45 kilos? Here the prettiest (read: thinnest with the smallest faces and the biggest eyes) has to go for something second-rate as it is.
Then my brother-in-law is somewhat of a Korean catch; he’s social, nice and cares about his family to the point of abandoning his own dreams for the sake of a lousy put well-paid job,  and he didn’t look too shabby ten years ago. But then again, like all Korean guys his generation he doesn’t give a helping hand when it comes to house-work. But he does play with his kid without having to be asked, and not only when he’s waiting for dinner. 

But my brother-in-law’s sister decided to visit tomorrow evening so they’re letting me out of here after lunchtime tomorrow.


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