It starts with me

I brought a copy of my Korean family register from -87 in case I would need it. Today I went to the village office to get a new updated one, only to have the Korean office lady telling me that I don’t exist in my own Family register and therefore can’t get a copy of it – only family members can. Then I was told that I probably never were registered at all. If that’s the case – then what’s this piece of paper that I thought was part of my family register, that had my name on it? It’s been in a folder in the same bookshelf, in my home, for over 20 years.

So I was erased from my own family registry. After a while (1,5 hours) they manage to find “me” only to find that I have a whole new family register – with only me in it. Seems like it was made year 2004 or 2005, I saw the numbers on the piece of paper. Nice, so now I can start my own family register for real? It starts with me.

And yesterday evening I was looking through my adoption papers. After staring for a while at one of the papers, I went to my Korean language-studying room mate and asked her “Hey do you think this and this other hand writing belong to the same person?”
Anwer: Uh, no?

Okey, but if not persons then at least two different pencils touched my papers. So how come two different people scribbled on my adoption papers? The reason why I checked my papers is that I can’t get what my Korean mum said about them (family) being unaware of the fact that I had been adopted outside of Korea. Since, as I’ve understood it, you decide from the start if the child in question should be available for adoption outside Korea.
My papers has the usual scribblings of my parents names, ID numbers and when I was born – together with the date they signed the papers, which is the same day I was born. Then, another person wrote, or added(?) “Sweden” as in the country I would be adopted to. But when?

I don’t really want to say anything with this. Just that, I have met The Family and thought I would be satisfied with that. But I can really feel for those whose adoption papers have been falsified, contain lies or are just plain messed up. Because simply not knowing what’s the truth, is a pain.

Swedish Christmas feeling 2009. All creds go to Boyfriend.


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