Two nights out

If anyone wants a picture (of you) taken down just tell me.
And I’m going to Pohang on Thursday since we have no school on Friday. First KTX to Dong-daegu station and then a slower train to Pohang. The trip will take me about 5-6 hours I think. I’ll bring the camera.

And my sister want me to buy a mask and wear it outside. I don’t know if wearing it will protect me from other non mask-wearing people’s diseases but I doubt it – heck, I’m not even sure if it protects the healthy people from disease-spreading mask-wearing people’s diseases!

The first set of pictures are from some classmates went to dinner, karaoke and then to Hongdê.


So in Hongdê went to this place: the “Ho bar III”. I’ve counted to around eight “Ho bars” so far and I still haven’t gotten used to the name yet.


Koreans like to order in fruit plates when they go out, and so did we. Usually you buy a “set” with x drinks and a fruit plate size y pretty cheaply.
There were a couple of non-Korean (ugly) guys (middle-aged men) who were trying to hit on Korean girls more than 10 years younger. Then there were a group of non-Korean guys who were just plain ugly. I’m sure they’re really nice and all deep inside but a meat market might not be the place to go to for a guy who wants a pretty girl but haven’t got the looks. All the guys were stood up.

It didn’t bother me at all that they were white; but it did bother me that they were white guys hanging out together. Which probably equals them never hanging out Koreans so why were they trying to get a Korean girl?



White guy: Hi…
Korean girl: No.
White guy: Do you speak English?
Korean girl: No.


The reason why Korean subways are so clean is because the ajummas, old ladies, have very strange hobbies. Or is it because they don’t receive enough retirement pension?

Night two was same place, different time. Alex knew some B-boys and a B-girl. I almost ended one guy’s B-boy career while we were grilling the samgyopsal-meat. Sizzling fat right into his eye – ouch! I’ll never handle the meat again.



We met up with some other nice folks and then went to a couple of clubs. And to some place called “Nabi” (Butterfly) where the floors were strange, the roof was low and we weren’t allowed to wear shoes. We also had the place to ourselves.
People were adoptees, Swedes, Korean and/or kyopos (emigrant 1st-or 2nd generation Koreans). It was hard to know who was what since most of us had a Korean-Asian face.



Alex and Brian

DSC08491Chino Kwon Hyup Lee


Kimchi pajôn also called “kimchi potato pancake”. It was breakfast

Other people, also eating breakfast

7 hours later: Second breakfast. When I was a kid my mum used to grill hot-dogs in the oven together with these fries. Simple and tasty, but not as cool-looking as this thing. I felt a bit ill after more than half of it though; never buy Korean mystery-meat off the street!

DSC08501Yaz took us to Itêwon and some waffles. The Turkish girl thought I was Korean and greeted me with a bow (“Is this how they do it in Turkey? Oh well…”) and didn’t notice I wasn’t Korean until the waiter tried to explain something to us and none of us understood him.

Da-da-dadda-da-da-dada WAFFLES!


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