Ta ta in Buddha

School invited us to a taekwondo-musical called “Ta ta in Buddha”. Taekwondo is the national martial arts, and all the actors were black-belts from a university club. The musical was funny and a bit sad. The Japanese girl laughed out loud a couple of times during the sad part when the “Korean” slaves were abused; that was probably because she’s Japanese though.

We weren’t allowed to take photos during the show so these are before and after-shots. Classmates and actors.



Afterwards when everyone were trying to get back from the theater by bus, our teacher let us go home by ourselves instead of herding us like the other teachers.
It was raining heavily outside and I managed to sneak onto a bus which took me to a nearby subway stop. I followed another class of chinese/mongols and their teacher and nobody seemed to notice… I always seem to run into members of the old afternoon class though, and I don’t wanna talk to them.

Here’s a treat. Or not really, I hate the video. I’d like to throw something lots of times at the girls’ stylist who always seem to dress them in very short hotpants. And the choreographer too. What’s with those hand movements anyway?
Ok, here’s the deal: the first video is from a commercial for a cell phone; the other one from a commercial for a bank card. Imagine how Swedish media and Swedish feminists would react if Swedish Handelsbanken made one like that? To whom is the commercial made for anyway? I’d say guys, Korean guys love cute girls who show off their legs.
That’s why I’m upset, not so much about the commercials but about this country. I hope it would cause a scandal in Swedish media though.

Girls’ Generation Commercial I

Girls’ Generation Commercial II


One thought on “Ta ta in Buddha

  1. Nina says:


    Jag ska resa till Korea nästa år och undrar ifall du vet vilket det bästa sättet att ta sig från Seoul till Pusan är, och ungefär vad det kostar. Tack för en intressant blogg :)

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