Going business class

Arrival to Seoul: Thursday
Went home to Yas, accidentally miss-bought her tuna rolls that had ham in it. Damn Koreans, who the hell mixes ham with tuna?! And it had no mayo!!
My own “bibim mandu” was 5 really small (FRIED!! >_<) mandu dumplings and… salad. With bibim-sauce on it. Yay, lucky day! I bought huge cup noodles size L to make up for the salad and the taste. AND I got chewed out by a Korean fruit seller for giving him the wrong bills.
“What country are you from?!” (Korean version of “what planet are you from”?).
“…? Whatever, just go! Oh right, here’re your pears”.

Went to Insa-Dong and shopped some more souvenirs/gifts. Bought a horridly expensive green tea that taste wonderful. Got a 3000-won discount because I small-talked the shop owner in English for like 10 minutes and she also asked me if I’m an adoptee. Remember that, folks: even if you know how to speak (some) Korean, sometimes it’s better if you don’t. I bought donuts for the 3000 won i “earned” ^^

Went to E-mart with Yas, bought donuts and a birthday cake for Temin. Went to Kangnam (took 50 minutes) and bought drinks for ourselves at 7eleven’s Korean sibling. Smuggles the drinks and the cake into a karaoke room. Sofia came and outsung us all, which strengthens my theory that the really good singers never apply for Idol. Didn’t leave the karaoke room except for toilet break, we finally went home around 2:30 AM.
Taxi cost us like 200 SEK (20 000 won) and took us to the opposite part of the city.

Woke up 9 o’clock and got up. Ate some Korean pears
Little brother, who said he’d be in Seokgye at 12 called and told me he was there at 10 instead. We went shopping at Dongdaemun, and went to Namsan Tower by cable car where I lost something. Of course I’d lose something, I always leave something behind in Korea.
So to cheer up we went skating at Lotte World, the biggest indoor tivoli in Korea.
Then we went home, ordered food and when brother had gone to his nearby motel (couldn’t sleep in an apartment of two girls I suppose) I bought some breakfast. Fish cake, micro-wave rice, banana milk and small sausages.

Woke up, made breakfast, woke up brother. We became late to the bus, the bus took an extra half hour than anticipated and I had only 20 minutes to check-in before my “40-minute deadline”. Me be screwed.
Then, a man called “Anyone going to Münich?!” and it turned out that they had overbooked the flight and had to re-book me onto another flight: Frankfurt, which gave me an extra 45 minutes. until boarding time! And they re-booked me to business-class!!

After like 35 minutes of trying to check-in some troublesome Koreans while handling an equally troublesome foreign man who wanted 100% attention from 3 overly-busy attendants I was finally checked-in and ready to go. Texted Yas so she could e-mail boyfriend about the new info.
I did mistake the boarding time for the actual “plane leaves now”-time. Blame it on the lack of sleep but I did actually realize it in time after running through half the airport, off the shuttle subway and through the rest of the the airport. Some of you may wonder how I managed to survive for this long. No worries, I (almost) do too sometimes.
But I can tell you that all that extra space in business class was a bit wasted on me (1,60 meters high). But I had more movies and tv-shows to watch and ended up playing Sudoku, Who wants to be a millionaire and Tetris instead of sleeping.

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