Daughter of a mountain goat

My sister spoke of going to Andong, a rural area famous for its old-style buildings from the 1600th-1900th century.
Well, we did drive past Andong. And kept going into the neighbouring province. Communication must have failed somewhere because we weren’t in Andong but in Danyang. And the monsoon had just started.

The province was very mountaineous. A car sick person’s worst enemy

Well, aliens were alive and well in Danyang. We went to a pottery museum, but the shop was bigger than the museum itself. These little guys were climbing outside

I just love these dried-out rivers. The surrounding area was rural, and beautiful

Then we went on a river cruise. The boat was a bit run-down but the seats were OK. Here’s me and birth mother

My little monkey nephew, only calm when asleep or eating. The bag is corn snacks

Scenery was nice. Lots of fog though

Next we went into a cave. It was like Lummelundagrottorna in Gotland except 1,7 kilometers long, and we got to climb on rickety metal ladders and squat-walk since the roof suddenly came down waist-level

Here’s one of the ladders, basically supported by nothing but old metal. I’m afraid of heights so there weren’t many photos taken inside since I climbed as fast as I could to get down. My sister scolded me for not taking any photos of myself. Hm.



More climbing. The thing is, my birth mum seems to have a bad eye sight but she had no problems at all climbing around in the dark. On the way back to the car, she jumped around like a mountain goat onto different stones; the stairs down from the grottos were just some big stones fastened onto the ground. I used to jump around between stones when I played as a kid, guess I know where it came from now

Then we went to one of the greatest buddhist temples in the country. It was high up in the mountains so we took a bus there instead of walking. It’s somewhere up in the fog over there.
My Korean family is buddhist, it feels nice since I’m not a christian but more of the spiritual kind too

We picked up an old lady on the way, she was very thankful

There were monks living in the temple, they had a restaurant too so the place smelled of delicious food. Korean monks wear gray robes





When I was a kid my mum always told me to smile at the camera. And then she told me not to…


They rang a bell with a big log hanging from a rope in the ceiling

See his sports shoes? Korean monks walk a lot

All Korean gong-gongs seem to have a fish ornament hanging from the ceiling. Don’t ask me why

Dinner was buddhist too, all tofu and mushrooms in a stew. They grow the mushrooms on big tree logs much like other people grow tomatoes or cucumbers. Korean mushrooms don’t taste like mushrooms, they’re actually very delicious


4 thoughts on “Daughter of a mountain goat

  1. Silver says:

    Fantastic! YOu seen a lot, and all that visit of your family, lovely! And you write a lot, also… =) Beautiful pictures and very good English! =)

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