Pohang stories

It’s warm in Korea, above 20 degrees everyday and I’m sweating my ass off (good thing!).
I have also given up the idea of posting embedded youtube movies here since both explorer and wordpress are working against me.
You can find all my videos here: http://www.youtube.com/user/nyfikengulsvideo

I went to Pohang and my other sister for a couple of days. I have three sisters, who live in Gumi and Pohang respectively. And a younger brother in Yongin since he’s studying there.
Pohang is close to the sea, and I was brought up on an island. I like the smell of the sea.
Anyway, we went to a market which had everything several times over. Except for a pavement, so different bicycles and wagons and other two-wheeled vehicles just drove in between us “pedestrians”.

And also, we went to the “Ancient Capital of the Shilla Dynasty” Gyongju which was nice. Except that my brother-in-law just threw me the question “Do you like Gyongju?” while we were in the car on the highway and it was like 8 in the evening. And it took me like half an hour before I posed the question “Where are we going?”
I thought Gyongju was way far from Pohang so I hesitated a bit when I realized we were actually going there.
I had two options:
a) Sulk for the rest of the trip since they hadn’t told me where we were going, how long we were staying or when we were gonna come back. Or how long it would take us to get there.
b) Look at it as a nice, spontaneous mini-adveture to a place I’ve been wanting to visit for a while now.

I chose option b) and then went to option c) Sulk a little when realising everything is closed since it’s past ten. We arrived around 10pm and everything except the parks were closed, so we drove around for a little more than 30 minutes and then went home.
So now I’ve seen Gyongju by night. But we went there today again by day but I’ll tell you about that later.

DSC07553View from my sister’s… roof?

DSC07557This is the kind of stuff  they’ve been wanting to buy for me. Get my problem now? And no, it’s not the children’s department – it’s what Korean 20-30plus years old adults wear.

DSC07565We like Korean food, yes we do

DSC07569Koreanska folkdrakter

DSC07576Korean health-stuff. It’s all dried, kinda like ginseng and odd-smelling mushrooms

DSC07583Whale meat. Most Korean boy bands have more fans than animal rights have over here

DSC07585Anyone care for a cup of… copyright?

Next up is Gyongju – “Ancient capital of the Shilla dynasty”

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